2016 Transatlantic General Counsel Summit New York


Business success is all about leveraging market insights and translating ideas into reality, backed by maximum legal confidence. More than 750 lawyers worldwide in our M&A & Private Equity practice offer the necessary combination of legal expertise, commercial awareness and market knowledge. We help companies and investors of all sizes to boost their growth, drive innovation and optimise their structures. Thanks to a consistently high deal flow and our involvement in many successful headline transactions we are among the leading commercial law firms in Europe and worldwide. In addition to our transactional work, we advise our clients on all aspects of TMT, IP, employment law and other areas. These broad-based practices have strong links to in-house legal departments and management teams, and especially to business owners. This enables our professionals to acquire in-depth insights into corporate and market strategies. We leverage this knowledge to benefit both companies and investors.


Eversheds operates at the leading edge of business. Recognised by Acritas as a Global Elite Law Firm, we regularly advise on billion dollar deals and high profile cases on behalf of the world’s most powerful corporations and financial institutions.

In an era of increasing globalisation, we are unique in our multi-jurisdictional project management approach and commitment to seamless service delivery across our 50+ offices. United by a shared vision, values and understanding of what our clients really want, our lawyers provide top quality legal advice whether they are operating locally or across borders from our bases in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Innovation is part of our culture. We approach every piece of legal advice with the same creative, proactive approach – engineering complex structures, devising novel case strategies and creating new markets where appropriate. We’ve also developed a pioneering package of business and consultancy services and a unique project management system that allows us to deliver complex, multi-national legal services through one point of contact whilst keeping costs predictable.

This cutting edge client-led approach has served us well. In just over 25 years as Eversheds, we’ve grown into one of the world’s foremost international law firms. Consistently recognised by the leading independent legal guides, we understand the needs of businesses in all sectors and will work tirelessly to make sure your business and good name are protected at all times.


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